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Datamatrix Codes

The introduction of QR and Datamatrix codes has changed the business world. These codes have many benefits, such as they can pack lots of data into a small space. Datamatrix codes are 2D codes, and they contain different lines of data. Moreover, these systems offer a built-in error checking system. For example, if a code is damaged, you can easily detect it, and it can still be easily read. In this guide, we’ll discuss the applications and benefits of Datamatrix codes.

What Are Datamatrix Codes?

They’re like 2D QR codes. These codes are made up of black and white modules. Moreover, these modules are arranged in a compact square pattern. The total numbers of modules depend on the amount of data encoded in the symbol. Datamatrix symbol can store 2335 alphanumeric characters; that is impressive. These characters can include a unique serial number, manufacturer ID, and a lot more things.

These codes are easily identifiable because they’re square. Moreover, all the black and white cells are framed within the box. –L- form lines delimit these cells. Datamatrix codes have redundant information capacity. Therefore they offer high reading reliability. Furthermore, they allow reading damaged codes, and they can provide the damaged information by up to 30%.

Another interesting feature of Datamatrix codes is that they can be read in low contrast conditions. You can code 3116 ASCII characters in Datamatrix codes. However, the size of the Datamatrix codes gets increased when the size of the code increases.

How to Use Datamatrix Codes?

It’s pretty simple and easy to use this online code generator. Go to Paste this link in the address bar. Just follow these steps and generate your own Datamatrix codes.

You can download the code in your desired format, such as PNG or PDF format.

Application of Datamatrix Codes

Over the past few years, Datamatrix codes have become popular. They allow direct marking on components and parts. Therefore, they’re used in industrial sectors. Moreover, they help in quality control, identification, and traceability. Some common applications of Datamatrix codes are given below:

Benefits of Datamatrix Codes

Some advantages of using Datamatrix codes are:

How to Perform Direct Marking on Components / Parts?

You can mark these codes on parts in three ways, such as:

  1. Laser marking
  2. Engraving
  3. Ink printing

How to Read Datamatrix Codes?

In the industrial sector, some devices are used for reading these codes, such as:

  1. Laser readers
  2. CCD readers
  3. Scanners
  4. Portable terminals

For consumer usage, you can find some mobile devices that can read these Datamatrix codes. If you’re already using QR code readers, you can try them because some QR readers also have the ability to read Datamatrix codes.

What Are the Similarities and Differences between QR and Datamatrix Codes?

Both of these are 2D codes. Both these codes have some similarities and differences. Let’s explore some of them.



Both these codes look similar, and you can’t find the difference with the naked eye.

Based on applications, benefits, and error correction levels, Datamatrix codes are a popular and effective option.

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